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We Provide A Step-by-Step Assistance in Your Application Process


Find Teaching Positions Abroad

We will assist in finding candidates a US host school that offers a competitive pay scale and we will ensure that it is a perfect fit and directly aligns with the candidates' career pathways and goals.

Interview Tips

We believe that a good interview starts with a great first impression and ends with much positivity and enthusiasm.  Our staff will make sure that proper guidance is provided to candidates so they can achieve success during the interview process.

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Resume Help

A resume is an overview of an applicant's entire working life on a page.  We will help make sure that the applicant's resume stands out and get specific skills noticed and ultimately get the applicant one step closer to that interview schedule.

Assistance Abroad

Our service extends until the candidates get settled into their work location, making sure that they are provided with housing recommendations that are safe and affordable and give them all the necessary information that would help make their stay in the US enjoyable and financially rewarding.

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